• Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*
  • Sigil Scents  *Limited Availability*

SIGIL Scents

Sigil Scents *Limited Availability*

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Due to the brand unfortunately closing its doors, we have a limited and final number of perfumes left. 


100% Natural, Eau de Parfum

(30 mL / 1 fl.oz)


    Amor Fati represents the belief that all experiences from birth until death—all the moments of bliss, suffering, and striving—are essential to the cyclical beauty of our existence. Symbolizing both the ashes of death and the new growth of birth, Amor Fati combines smoky essences of oud and opoponax with the fresh and lively scents of bergamot and green pine needles. Resinous galbanum and palo santo ground the scent with hints of sacred incense—a reminder that the spirit remains, even as the cycle of life begins and ends.

    Key notes: Oud, Galbanum, Palo Santo, Opoponax


    Anima mundi or “world soul” represents the intrinsic spirit that connects all living things on the planet—a spirit that exists beyond our consciousness yet is present within each of us. Embodying the vital force of our universe, Anima Mundi balances masculine animus and feminine anima. Like petals floating through curls of smoke, luscious notes of rose and creamy jasmine mingle with spicy hinoki wood. The scent’s intoxicating essence shifts from moment to moment, revealing fragrant notes of tuberose and the candied smokiness of pure immortelle.

    Key notes: Immortelle, Hinoki, Rose, Jasmine


    Water symbolizes intuition and the divine feminine within us all. Capturing the gentle power of this essential element, Aqua Viridi is a fluid blend of marine accords and damp fern notes. Blue cypress, seaweed, and hay evoke windblown seamist while tonka and oakmoss summon sensuality. Conjuring sun-warmed grass, kunzea and khella mingle with bracing lime and petitgrain sur fleurs to echo the sparkling salinity of the sea.

    Key notes: Petitgrain, Hay, Tonka bean, Lavender, Rosemary, Khella, Blue Cypress, Seaweed


    In ancient times, prima materia referred to the formless root of all matter—a blend of stars and soil from which all things emerge, and an essential component in the alchemy of turning base materials into gold. Uniting the earthly and the heavenly, Prima Materia is a scent rooted in soot yet elevated by sparkling notes of fresh citrus. The creamy sweetness of neroli and the cleansing power of white sage embody celestial matter, while oakmoss and woody vetiver signify the spirit of the soil. As it melts into the skin, the alchemy of the scent begins—revealing a golden, resinous heart of pure amber.

    Key notes: Vetiver, Oakmoss, Neroli, White Sage


    Solutio is the alchemical practice of purification and dissolution—a process of coming apart that leaves behind only the true essence of what began. Distilling precious and resinous plant materials into their essential components, Solutio is a green and buoyant blend of aromatic cypriol, bracing lime, and a handmade tincture of wild chaparral that releases the mind from the trappings of the ego. Like a hot coal hitting cool water, Solutio’s effervescent spirit wraps the body and the mind in a cleansing vapor of scent.

    Key notes: Cypriol, Labdanum, Chaparral, Cypress

Sigil Scent is a natural perfumery founded by Patrick Kelly in 2015. Sigil Scent creates beautiful, functional, transportive products designed to help nurture and stimulate the senses, skin, and mind. In a market that's oversaturated with confusing certifications, green-washed marketing campaigns, and poor product performance, Sigil Scent offers a modern, clean, and honest fragrance collection, for those who care equally about product efficacy and purity. The brand's values encompass quality, naturalness and sustainability.

Sigil Scent fragrances are composed from organic, wildcrafted and sustainably-sourced botanical ingredients, in a base of organic grain alcohol. All fragrances in the line are designed as unisex scents and none are tested on animals. 

A "sigil" (from Latin sigillum or "seal") is a unique symbol, infused with personal meaning. In modern usage, a sigil is created to channel its creator's intentions and aspirations. Each Sigil Scent fragrance is designated by a special symbology: a sigil and a color, applying an ages-old esoteric tradition to impart a feeling of weight to the intimate ritual of choosing and wearing a fragrance. Sigil Scent invites you to "Scent Your Intent™" and select a bottle for its symbol or color to explore.