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Green Room - BLUE Suds Shampoo Bar

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BEST FOR: dark blonde to brown hair Blue Suds is a plastic-free toning shampoo bar that eliminates orange and copper tones from dark blonde and brown hair while simultaneously nourishing hair from roots to ends. This richly pigmented formula delivers dramatic results by restoring cool blondes and brilliant brunettes and bringing shine and lustre back to dry and damaged hair. Perfect for daily use or for when your hair needs a little brightening, Blue Suds offers an uplifting and minty fresh fragrance to complement the shampoos cooling effects. Highlights: - ideal for natural or processed dark blonde to brown hair - eliminates orange and copper undertones - can be used daily to brighten and tone - pH balanced - 99% plant and mineral based - vegan, gluten-free - naked or boxed packaging option Warning! This bar can stain fabric and surfaces if left for long periods of time. Please reference www.greenroombody.com for full ingredient list.