• Infinity Jars - 200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle

Infinity Jars

Infinity Jars - 200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle

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Spruce up your bathroom or kitchen while preserving the fragrance of your soap in the 200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle. A combination of eye-catching design and science, this bottle instantly turns soap, shampoo, or skincare products into high-end items. No more frequent refills—this bottle can hold up to 200 ml of your favorite bath essential. It also features an airtight seal that locks in the fragrance of your product while keeping outside air from ruining it. But what’s even more impressive about this bottle is that it’s made of European-designed ultraviolet glass. It blocks out damaging rays while only allowing in beneficial light to gently nourish whatever you put inside. Enjoy long-lasting freshness with every pump of your soap with this bottle! • airtight, smell-proof, & light-filtering: world's best ultraviolet glass jar with bpa-free plastic lid. • the perfect size and shape: a versatile container—great for herbs, spices, and cosmetics.