Fahari Bazaar

Lazy Pant

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The Lazy Pant is exactly that! Easy, everyday, dress up or wear while gardening, these pants are everything. We wear ours to sleep and wake up like this, ready to see you in the shop! Breathable, comfy, and softens after the first wash. These pants and Fahari's prints will have someone ask about them instead of what your dog's name is on your walk. 


Fahari Bazaar clothing is designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind. We believe that clothing should have enough room for movement--walking, running, and stretching. But most important to us, is that these clothing allows for self expression and style. We have most of our clothing made in Tanzania, and a very small batch is made in Chatham, New York. Having our clothes made in Tanzania creates high paying jobs for skilled tailors in a country where this occupation is often undervalued. The fabrics we use are 100% cotton Batiki fabrics. We work in collaboration with women who hand print and hand dye these fabrics in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to bring you unique one of a kind Batiki designs that cannot be replicated. Through your continued support, this year we opened a small Fahari Bazaar Workshop that is a working space, but it is also providing quality training and high paying jobs for aspiring tailors, seamstresses and designers. Product development is done by Fahari Wambura in Chatham, New York.