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Natural Horn Comb

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COUCOT Natural Horn Combs

Combs made from 100% horn. Each comb is different, with a unique pattern due to its natural state. Petit and Medium are excellent for mustaches, beards, bangs, and short hair. Large combs are wonderful for longer hair. Each comb comes with a leather sleeve.

Growing a beard is more than no-shave-November! If you don’t want your beard to look like a hedgehog, combing is an essential step to care properly for a well-groomed beard. 

Unlike plastic combs, the horn comb doesn’t create static electricity. It is enriched with keratin, the predominant molecule of your hair. By regularly using your horn comb, your hair will be healthier and as smooth as silk.

Tips: Apply your beard/hair oil or balm. Gently comb your hair in the direction of your hair growth. 

To care for your comb, apply Kraken, argan, jojoba, or sweet almond oil to it once or twice a year. It will last a lifetime and longer.

Made in France