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AER Scents

New! AER Scents

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100% Natural, Highly Concentrated Parfum

(30 mL / 1 fl.oz)

  • No. 01 - NAGARMOTHA

    A bold, exotic scent that begins with a deep, powerful narcotic hit of herbal Nagarmotha and rich Patchouli, the quirkiness of Makrut Lime Leaf and the earthy elegance of Vetyver from Java, all supported by a luxurious modern Olibanum, Atlas Cedar and Palmarosa foundation. Sensual and earthy, but with a surprising freshness.


    A smokey, multilayered perfume built around the fiery, complex bouquet of Cade Tar. Pine forest notes come from Silver Spruce; sweet honey notes from Guaiac Wood and rare Madagascan Vanilla. Oil extracted from Burnt Frankincense offers more smoke, with balsamic incense notes. Galbanum and Vetyver offer Whiskey-like contrast. Mesmerising with a Bourbon sweetness for lovers of strong, complex scents full of personality.


    Elegant, beguiling, elusive, this beautiful perfume start with a sophisticated blend of three different Ambres: Amyris Resin, Balsam of Peru and Storax Resin to give warm, balsamic, powdery notes. The soft velvet sweetness is twisted with a sustainably-grown Indian Sandalwood that brings creamy woody notes held in an embrace of powdery Tuberose and fruity Magnolia Leaf. A soft, seductive scent that melts into your skin.

  • No. 04 - CEDAR + GINGER

    A fresh, invigorating scent with a creative soul. Warm wood notes of aromatic Virginia Cedar, red Buddha Wood and sweet Himalayan Cedar are fused with with a citrusy Bergamot, Lavender compliment, topped with spicy Ginger Root and a hint of sparkle from Juniper Berry. Deep and woody with a fascinating brightness.

  • No. 05 - BLACK + WHITE PEPPER  

    Our interpretation of a classic fougère perfume done with a thoroughly modern edge. A dry, spicy Pepper core with Elemi Gum holds the opulent, sweet floral of handpicked Corsican Immortelle. Green-scented Tobacco Leaf and fuzzy, smokey notes from Galbanum emphasises the perfume’s crispy dry personality, all underlined by French Oak Moss. Crisp, exciting and full of surprises.

  • No. 06 - TUBEROSE + YLANG 

    This multi-faceted floral scent celebrates Ylang Ylang, focussing on its unusual buttery, spicey cinnamon and thick caramel nectar notes. Precious Jasmin and Damask Rose absolutes dance with green-scented Violet Leaf and hot Cassia Bark for an ethereal, flirty warmth. Coconut Fruit offers a sensual, velvety background. A beautiful, energising perfume that warms the senses and opens the heart.

  • No. 07 - ORRIS ROOT  

    A sophisticated modern perfume constructed around rare Tuscan Orris resin, one of the world’s most precious, iconic perfumery ingredients, blended with spicy Jasmin Sambac and elegant Bulgarian Rose. Contrast comes from Haitian Vetyver, Myrrh resin and fiery Timut Pepper. Nepita’s mint coolness adds a bold modern edge. An indulgent perfume, full of beauty and tension.

  • No. 08 - LABDANUM + OAK

    A strong, intense perfume steeped in steadiness and strength. Built on a fortress base of sweet aged English Oakwood and resinous wild Labdanum. Elemi fused with Black Pepper are recruited to give a floral fire background, Vetyver offers power and structure, while exotic hints of Cardamon and Carrot Seed, Osmanthus Flower, and Yerba Maté play in the background. This is a smooth, suave perfume to be worn with self-assurance.

  • No. 09 - ANGELICA ROOT

    This perfume is an ode to rebirth: an ethereal fiery haze of Belgian Angelica Root (a crop not harvested for two years during the Covid Pandemic), Swiss Stone Pine, grounding Oak Moss, with an irresistable Gin-and-Tonic opening of Juniper Berry and Calabrian Lemon. Warmth comes from Pimento and Labdanum; Myrrh Resin and rare Ambrette Seed musk give earthy depth to the composition. A perfume that speaks of reawakening, possibility and renewal.

AER began in 2017, when AER’s Creative Director Ted Young-Ing could not find the perfect perfume, so he asked his friend Stefan Kehl to create a perfume for him. Together, they developed AER’s first few perfumes, with a view of creating a modern perfume house that focused on unique scents that were 100% natural, ethically sourced and made from the finest ingredients in the world. 

Today, AER’s collection has grown to a range of seven perfumes, all created with the same ideals of unique, special 100% botanical fragrances made from the most exquisite natural ingredients in the world. We develop all our perfumes in-house with some of the most innovative noses in the world. All our perfumes are blended and bottled by hand, at our Atelier in Berlin-Mitte.