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Apotheke Incense

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APFR Incense Sticks

Each APFR Incense Tube contains 25 bamboo incense sticks.  Each stick is 13" long and approximately 100 minutes of burn time able to easily fill a large room. APFR is a handmade fragrance brand where each step in the process; including the blending and packaging are meticulously done by specialized craftsmen in Chiba, Japan.

  • ANJIR - Anise / Fig Leaf / Jasmine / Musk / Sandalwood
  • BLACK OUD - Agarwood / Black Pepper / Cinnamon / Vetiver
  • BLUE SPRUCE - Citrus / Douglas Fir / Eucalyptus / Pine Needle
  • OAKMOSS & AMBER - Amber / Lavender / Oakmoss / Sage / Tonka Beans
  • QUIET LIGHT Bergamot / Ylang ylang / Lily / Cucumber / Bamboo
  • TEAKWOOD - Black Pepper / Musk / Patchouli / Sandalwood / Teakwood
  • TOBACCO CEDAR - Cedarwood / Citrus / Sandalwood / Spice / Tobacco Leaf


  • SAILING - Marine Notes / White Floral / Musk
  • 24K ROSE - Rose / Lily / Lavender / Oakmoss / Marigold
  • BLUE HOUR - Lychee / Jasmine / Ginger / Black Pepper / Musk / Amber
  • DRIFTWOOD - Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Patchouli / Vanilla
  • MAGHREB BUKHOORAgarwood / Frankincense / Cinnamon / Peppermint / Damask Rose / Rose de Mai / Musk / Sandalwood
  • WHITE TEA - Bergamot / Lavender / Thyme / Mandarin / Ylang-ylang / Jasmine

Bamboo stick type incense hand-made one by one at our own workshop. Thick kraft paper cylinders, compressed cork caps, and typographic labels in natural colors are package designs with a natural texture full of texture.



The word APOTHEKE is German for pharmacy or an apothecary where homeopathic medicines and herbal essential oils were prepared and sold during feudal times. It was thought that essential oils and aromatic products had certain medicinal and therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is considered both an art and a science and more recently, has gained recognition in the fields of science and medicine. Through aromatic fragrances, one can reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety thus improving the health of the mind, spirit, and body.

APFR admires the simple qualities and raw textures that only come from products made by hand. Mass produced and machine manufactured products are not their style. They deeply care about the handcrafted element of the preparation and blending of each of our products - this attention to detail can also be found on our packaging and labels.