• Diamond Nail File & Effortless Buffer
  • Diamond Nail File & Effortless Buffer
  • Diamond Nail File & Effortless Buffer
  • Diamond Nail File & Effortless Buffer


Diamond Nail File & Effortless Buffer

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JINSOON Nail Buffer & Diamond File


Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner

A salon-quality nail tool for effortlessly smooth and shiny nails. The double-sided surface features a buffing side to shape uneven nails and a shining side to give nails a topcoat-like glossy finish.


  • Two-in-one buffer/shiner tool

  • Circulates blood flow for healthy nails

  • Restores the nail’s natural shine 

  • Fine abrasives gently shape uneven nails

  • Reusable design


High Performance Diamond Nail File

This stainless steel nail file performs optimally on natural nails and has both a fine and medium grit diamond bit surface. The fine grit side is good for natural nails and the medium grit is good for thick nails and toenails. Since the JINsoon Diamond nail file is thin and made from stainless steel, it can file even super short nails without hurting the skin under the nails. Ideal for professional and home use alike, it can be cleaned in an autoclave sterilizer or with soap and water using a soft-bristled brush.
How To Use: File your nails gently from corner to corner in one direction; filing vigorously with any type of nail file can damage your nails. 
Expert Tip from Jin Soon:Don’t file too much off the sides of your nails because that may weaken them, create hangnails, or cause the nail to grow unevenly.”