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  • Hand Wash & Lotion


Hand Wash & Lotion

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The future is bright, the sun is in your eyes, and this fresh, floral blend lights the way. 

Jasmine • Violet • Musk

Hand Wash: This liquid hand wash thoroughly yet gently cleanses with botanical extracts to refresh, repair and hydrate.

Hand Lotion: This nourishing lotion contains vitamin B5 and vitamin E to condition dry hands with botanical oils to boost moisture levels for a long lasting hydration.

Rinse-Free: This alcohol-based formula whisks away dirt and debris from the hands with added humectants to hydrate and condition. Evaporates in seconds for an instant clean and refreshed feeling.

Hand Cream: This intensely moisturizing cream deeply nourishes the hands and cuticles with a blend of cocoa butter, aloe vera and powerful humectants to hydrate, repair and protect.