• Small-Batch Curd
  • Small-Batch Curd
  • Small-Batch Curd
  • Small-Batch Curd


Small-Batch Curd

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Farm-To-Jar Locally Made Curd 

 Hiwa, the sweetest of them all! She makes truly incredibly delicious and fresh jams, jellies, curds, and baked goods. We’re fortunate to be able to have them in our shop! 



Mango Curd — Haden Mango, Pure Cane Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Salt

Guava Curd — Guava, Pure Cane Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Salt

POG Curd –– Guava, Lilikoi, Orange, Pure Cane Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Salt

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) — Lilikoi, Pure Cane Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Salt

* Refrigerate after opening — best served cold


I am a total lover of fruit and convinced to think that it's nature's candy. Give me a choice between a candy bar and a beautiful fruit, I'll go with the fruit.


My love for fruit stems from my grandfathers. My maternal grandfather grew a variety of fruits, teaching me how to harvest, and letting me eat what my heart desired. But of course many times, I harvested too early and he would say, “Anako, too early you pick them”. Uh OH, haha! While my paternal grandfather “Baba” spoiled me with fruit platters up on the highchair as a child, and the priceless memories of our drives eating cold fruit from his cooler as we drove around the island.


Most fruit is attached to a memory, especially my favorites like lychee, persimmon, guyabana, guava, and blueberries. So once I take a bite- it brings me back to a precious memory like it was yesterday. Does food bring you back to a precious time? It does for this fruit addict!


This adventure started off with the issue of reducing food waste of the countless lbs. of fruit that I would toss, and of course that broke this fruit addicts’ heart. One of my cousins makes ono jam, and it gave me the idea to see if this could be a way to make something of all the soon to be wasted fruit. I read about the art and history of jam making, researched food preservation studies on jam, jellies, and curds from a few American Universities, and soon after made my first jam- the OG Pink Guava Jam! That first batch was a SUCCESS, and I just couldn’t stop. It was the start of an idea and has grown to producing- jam, jellies, curds, simple syrups, and the baked goods showcasing those products.