• Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar
  • Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar
  • Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar
  • Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar
  • Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar

Honoka’a Chocolate

Local Honoka’a Chocolate Bar

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HONOKA’A CHOCOLATE BAR - Island of Hawai’i (Big Island)

70% & 85% Cacao - Pure Hawaiian Cacao

  • 100% Hawaii-grown cacao beans from the island of Hawaii are use in our award winning 70% & 85% cacao recipe with just a touch of Organic and Fair Trade Turbinado style cane sugar.  Bright fruity flavors with buttery-toffee and nutty finish.  This is a 2oz bar with 18 easy to break apart squares.

Award Winning 55% Cacao with Goat Milk

  • We understand that not everyone is a dark chocolate lover, so we created this just for you.  Our most award winning bar with 7 awards, we use 55% cacao, 30% sugar (just like all of our 70% cacao bars) and the remaining percentage is Goat Milk.  We chose to use Meyenberg brand, which provides just a touch of sharpness to the creamy, mellow flavors of this bar.  Chocolate Maker Mike - the purist - loves this bar, and hopes that you will too!


  • To create our 70% Kuleana Rium Works Rum Bar, we age roasted and winnowed nibs with Kuleana's award winning rum in a standard american oak barrel.  Then we let the nibs dry and finally, make delicious chocolate that has notes of fruits and nuts, with a clean finish of Rum.  The barrel aging is key to the development of these flavors.


  • We infuse our single-origin cacao nibs with Elijah Craig Bourbon in seasoned oak barrels for a few months, resulting in a decadent chocolate that is rich with flavors of caramel, vanilla, oak, and molasses. This is a favorite amongst our staff and has received six awards.