• PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak
  • PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak
  • PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak
  • PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak
  • PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak

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PA'AKAI - Sea Salt Soak

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Pa’akai (Sea Salt Soak) 

Pa'a - to be solid or hardened

Kai -  the ocean water

Pa'akai - the solid form of ocean water.

Transform your bath into the Pacific ocean, and escape the busy day.



Once bath is full, add a handful of the salts to the warm water.Soak for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes, relax, and breath deeply. To use as facial steam:Bring a pot of water to a boil. Remove from heat, let cool for a few minutes. (Steam can cause burns if used right away while steam is too hot). Add a handful of the salts and stir. Carefully bring face over the steam, avoiding getting too close (8-10 inches away from pot/bowl is best). Drape towel over the back of the head to create a tent to capture the steam. Breathe deeply and relax.Continue for 5-15 minutes depending upon your comfort level.



'ŌLENA (Hawaiian Turmeric)  I  Helps renew and accelerate the rate of skin healing, reduces inflammation and neutralizes free radicals.

Ginger I  Promotes youthful, blemish free skin by improving elasticity and stimulating circulation to remove toxins.

Coconut  I  Hydrating and softening. Anti inflammatory properties help soothe inflamed skin.


Hawaiian pa'akai (Sodium chloride), Hawaiian turmeric, Coconut*, and a porpietary blend of essential oils.




Premium Japanese Matcha  I  Powerful antioxidant, rejuvenates old skin cells, neutralizes uv damage and delay signs of skin aging. A powerful detoxifier removing harmful toxins and fighting free radicals. Caffeine offers anti-cellulite, skin-tightening benefits. 

Neroli  I  Regenerating, calming. Brightens the skin, creating a luminous, even skin tone.

Yuzu I  Stimulates the circulatory system. Yuzu Oil has the curious ability to calm the mind while simultaneously invigorating the body.


Hawaiian pa'akai , premium japanese Matcha*, Hawaiian spirulina powder*,Bamboo extract,Papaya leaf powder, passion flower powder
and a proprietary blend of organic and wild crafted essential oils.