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Order Women’s Lei

Regular price $45.00

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Women's Lei - a beautiful lei to give!  Our seasonal Best!

Premium Women's Lei - a beautifully full lei, great for someone special, birthdays, and celebrations. Additional Strand or Complexity

Luxe Women's Lei - a stunning lei with extra special flowers or unique assembly.  Suitable for a speaker or award recipient.  Let us flex a little for you.

Unique Crafted Women's Lei - a unique lei with extra special construction.  Attention paid to assembly, craft and uniqueness.  Something extra special for someone who loves to order off-menu

Hapai/Pregnant (Open) - a lei double length of our classic lei, tied open ended.  This version is a beautiful lei with sections where it may break into double strand with some special details.

Premium Hapai/Pregnant (Open) - an open lei made with unique seasonal flowers, or a layered construction, three strands, or poepoe style construction.  Perfect if it will be a solo lei, or if a group is buying the lei together.

If you’re looking for lei for a bride/groom, please contact us with any special requests on color, theme, style…etc. We’ll do our best to accommodate for your special day! Call or text us to consult. 808.221.3676. Mahalo!

This item DOES NOT SHIP (if you need shipping you MUST request -- shipping costs include ice pack and packaging, are typically around $80 per order)

TEXT US if you need something sooner, we will try our best to accomodate your request.  808.221.3676

We’re so grateful for your love and support for our flower side of the shop! Before Island-Boy came home to Honolulu, it was in Warren, Rhode Island. There, it was primarily a flower shop where Andrew created unique arrangements with Hawaiian flowers from home. We get weekly flowers in from the Big Island, greenery from a local farm, and protea from Maui. We create beautiful “Dealer’s Choice” arrangements for all the major flower-holidays — Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Winter — as well as custom orders for events, birthdays…etc. If you’d like to have us create arrangements for an event, depending on event size, please allow for 2-3 weeks advance notice. We’ll work with you on looking at the space, color, flower choice, and delivery if needed. 

For our lei orders, it’s a combination of ones we make in-house and the one and only Jill Harunaga! We get weekly lei every Thursday from her! She’s creates the most beautiful combinations with flowers foraged from her backyard and from friends and family. We post the week’s lei picks on our instagram @islandboy.shop — follow and turn on story notifications to get first dibs! We get about 4-5 of them, and they go real fast, like real fast. If you’d like to request a custom order of Jill’s lei, let us know about 2 weeks in advance, also depending on order size. Contact us to talk about it!

email: Islandboy.shop@gmail.com

phone (text is best):  (808) 221.3676 

DM on insta: @islandboy.shop