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Wai Meli Hawaiian Honey

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Big Island Moonbow Farms is a small-scale beekeeping venture located on Hawai'i Island. Inspired by the plight of the honeybee in Hawai'i and worldwide, we have been caring for honeybees in an organic fashion since 2011.

While their primary focus is the health and well being of our bees, our diverse apiary locations allow us to capture several of the unique nectar sources our island has to offer. With immense passion, and the combined efforts of our family and our bees, we are pleased to provide Wai Meli, an array of small harvest, local, raw honeys.

For honey to be classified as “raw” it needs to meet a few criteria.

Essentially, raw honey has not been pasteurized, heated or fine filtered.  The honey in Wai Meli jars is as natural as it is when the bees produced it in their hives.  Processed (store brand) honey has been pasteurized using high temperatures (at least 63 degrees C) and is then fine-filtered which removes most of the pollen and other elements naturally found in honey.  This process significantly reduces both the flavor and beneficial properties of the honey. At Wai Meli, we want to make sure our honey is as healthy, natural, and flavorful as possible. 

Furthermore, most of the honey you see in the supermarkets are a combination of honeys produced by many different beekeepers in many different places then blended.  All our honey is unblended and comes from our own hives and bees. 

Raw Honey is the way honey should be.